Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

IP-based 0U Series - IP-based PDU

IP-based 0U NEMA/ IEC remote controlled PDU.  Allows users to access, configure, monitor and manager power consumption of each individual power outlets. Sequence power-on function protect the system from in-rush current at start-up.

    Safety Approval :

  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • cULus
  • CE
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  • True RMS Digital Meter: The total current draw per rack PDU is displayed on the unit via a digital display.
  • Sequence Power On: Allows users to configure the sequence in which power is turned on or off for each outlet. This helps avoid in-rushes at start-up, which can cause overloaded circuits and dropped loads.
  • Remote Monitor: Remote monitor can monitor power current meter from remote location.
  • Remote AC Power Control: Remotely manage outlets so users can turn outlets on and off
  • Secure Web Access: Secure web access allows for data/message confidentiality.
  • Overload Audible Alarm: Overload audible alarm provide buzzar sound to remind overloaded circuits.
  • E-mail & Traps Alter: E-mail & Traps alter is to remind overloaded circuits occurs.