Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

PDU-Router - Power Distribution Unit

PD-061501AP is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) that equips Wireless Access Point (AP) function. This PDU provide six standard NEMA 5-15 outlets with 15A circuit breaker for Over Current Protection (OCP). The function of Wireless AP lets operator access internet through RJ 45 Cable and WiFi in Data Center Room.

With dual USB output, user could charge their mobile phone, tablet or other 3C products. The build-in Meter and Control Circuit let operator monitor power consumption and control power On/Off by APP installed on smart phone.


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  • Build-in wireless AP / Router / Bridge / Repeater modes based on IEEE 802.11n wireless technology.
  • USB charger, ideal for use with iPad( 2,000/1,000mA charger only), iPhone, iTune, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, GPS
  • Power Current/ Voltage/ Wattage meter.
  • Equipped with circuit breaker for overload protection.