Travel Converter

EEC-100 - Multi-Nation Travel Converter

Multi-nation voltage converter provides not only transformer but also adapter plugs that can be used as a transformer or as adapter plugs. Built-in 3 types of multi-nation plugs fitting most of countries' wall outlets.


International Patents:




    Safety Approval :

  • EMC
  • RoHS
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  • Built-in multi-nation plugs can be selected to fit wall outlets in different countries. Perfect for your appliances in oversease travel.
  • International patented safety locking and plug-out mechanism design.
  • Low watts (25/50W) traditional transformar is designed for battery chargers, phone hargers, shavers, calculators, cassette radios, etc.
  • Step-up transformer, converts 110/120 VAC foreign electricity to 220/240 VAC.
  • AHOKU International Patents.